Children’s Book of the Week: A Year at a Construction Site, on a Pirate Ship, in the World of Dinosaurs

by | Mar 22, 2010 | Children's Book of the Week | 0 comments

A Year at a Construction Site, A Year on a Pirate Ship, A Year in the World of Dinosaurs by Nicholas Harris, Elizabeth Havercroft

I’d never heard of this series (the “Time Goes By” series) until a few weeks ago, when we picked up A Year at a Construction Site from the library. Now we are obsessively inter-library loaning every title (we’ve gotten the three above so far). These books are great. Each one shows the action over the course of a year, and in each scene there are all kinds of little things to look for. The book itself shows you specific items to find, like a pirate’s cutlass, or a wheelbarrow. Then each page has all kinds of Where’s-Waldo sort of action, so you can try to find the same lazy pirate or eating construction worker or what have you. I really like the combination of non fiction subject, detailed scenes, things to look for, and the progress over the course of a year (or the course of a day, with some titles, like A Day at a Zoo, or A Day in a City). We will definitely be checking out more of these titles.


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