Christmas Roundup

by | Jan 8, 2009 | Henry | 4 comments

I keep trying to figure out a seamless way to shoehorn this story in, but the best I can do is “Here, Two Weeks After Christmas, is the Story that Still Makes Me Laugh.”

On Christmas day, we did our usual Slow Christmas: opened stockings,  had breakfast, and then went to church. I prefer doing church the night before because everything is so magical and sparkly and you get to sing “Silent Night,” and when you go on Christmas day there is maybe one other family with kids and everything just seems very daylighty bright and not quite as magic. But Christmas Eve is always completely insane, and the thought of standing with three wiggly kids in the back of church for an hour made me agree with Dave to go on Christmas morning.

Anyway, so it could have been so much of a complete disaster, since there was still a treeful of presents waiting at home to be opened, and we were dragging the kids to church and away from the presents. But they were all complete angels, and played happily with the stocking presents we brought with us (two felted birds in nests, two cute little bears, and a round robin).

So when church was done and we were walking out, we told them how proud we were of how well they all behaved. And Henry said, “My favorite part…” and Dave and I were on tenterhooks wondering what on earth Henry’s favorite part of church was going to be. The singing? The flowers? The priest? So he says, “My favorite part…was the elf who wanted to be a dentist.” Ah.

I also liked the part later on Christmas day where I found a small but very recognizable piece of wrapping paper in Zuzu’s poop.


  1. Paticus

    See, my favorite part of church was always the excommunicating of the reindeer with the red nose! 🙂

  2. Clog

    I keep laughing at the sight of Eli and Henry standing right on the threshold of the LR/DR eating as they aren’t allowed in the LR with food.

  3. LoriO

    hahaha so cute! and what nice presents!

    On an only semi-related note, I recently cut my own bangs, and almost every morning this week I’ve looked in the mirror and said “I want to be a dentist.” For some reason I can’t have bangs anymore and I can’t figure it out.

    And thank you for using the word tenterhooks. I’ve always thought it was tenderhooks, but never looked it up. Unbelieveably, I’d never actually seen it written before.

  4. Julie

    I once cut all my hair myself, and it actually wasn’t so bad. But you can do that with long hair. That’s one of the reasons I don’t have bangs — because I’d always be having to cut them myself, to disastrous end, no doubt.

    You know, I didn’t even bother to look up tenterhooks, just used my innate obnoxious English majorness to assume I knew the correct spelling. Is that even right? Ah. It is indeed. Innate Obnoxious English Major Girl wins again.


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