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We all could use some encouragement sometimes. This is a class about encouraging you to write.

Every day, for 31 days, you’ll get an email with a link to a video. The video is a pep talk from me.

The videos are all different, but they’re all about encouraging you to honor your creativity and make time to write, even if it’s just a little bit of time.

When is the class scheduled for?

Right now! You’ll get the first email right after you start the class, and an email every day for 30 days after.

Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone who is trying to write and keeps, you know, not writing.

This class is for all of you who have sent me messages saying, “I love your videos!” or “I miss when you used to do pep talks on Instagram!” I’m not on Instagram much anymore, but now you can have the videos whenever you want, from your inbox.

This course is free for you if you are a paying subscriber to my Substack newsletter, Do the Work. You should have received a coupon code. Let me know if you need the code again.

There are a limited number of full scholarships for underrepresented and marginalized writers. Send Julie a message if this applies to you.

Note: you will have to set up a profile and log in to purchase and take this class. I won’t sell or share your information with anyone.

No returns or refunds on this class.

photo by Elle Darcy

Who is Julie?

I’m Julie Falatko. I write books for kids, and for years have written essays for my newsletter which are all about doing the work of writing, even though the internet keeps throwing distractions at us.

I believe, if you have a dream of writing, you should write. And I know the way to write a book is by writing, but I also know that (especially now) it can be really hard to get that writing done. I want to encourage you to figure out how to honor your dream and write your books! (If you’re interested in this but want to go much, much deeper, you might like The Map to Inspiration.)

Day 1: act as if you're a writer Day 2: Who are you? What do you like? Day 3: what's stopping you? Day 4: are you getting writing done? Day 5: honoring yourself Day 6: noticing Day 7: failure Day 8: critiques Day 9: fear Day 10: schemes Day 11: you write by writing Day 12: humans will wait for your art Day 13: revision Day 14: reality is messy Day 15: there is no rush Day 16: it's ok to do nothing Day 17: errands Day 18: try things that sound daunting Day 19: are you mad at me? Day 20: seasonality Day 21: research Day 22: taking time for stillness Day 23: portable distractions Day 24: make 100 bowls Day 25: time and the internet Day 26: thinking big Day 27: page turns and structure Day 28: analog time Day 29: your own creative process Day 30: toxic positivity Day 31: right for you