The Map to Inspiration, Part Two

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Let’s continue the journey

The Map to Inspiration was about remembering what we wanted to make.

It’s time to go deeper.

If you were part of The Map to Inspiration and at the end thought, “I’m not done!” then this course is for you. (Although: I’m not done either. We’re never done.)

The Map to Inspiration was a gentle nudge in the direction toward yourself and your intuition. Unfolding the Map is deeper and more of a strong push in that same direction. It’s still gentle, but it will push you to be brave and make the book that only you can write.


What is the format for the class?

The syllabus is:

  • Week 1: Set Your Goals. It’s time to get the work done. We will be setting daily or weekly writing goals. They might be small or large, but they will be more than you’re currently doing.
  • Week 2: Who Are You? We will be diving deep into knowing ourselves, so we can tailor our work and process to who we truly are. You will have a blueprint for your true self, which you can return to as needed.
  • Week 3: Offline Creativity. Get serious about avoiding the algorithms. Lean deeply into trusting yourself.
  • Week 4: The Dark Part. We’ll dive into shadow work. It’s time to embrace our gnarly parts and use them in our creativity.
  • Week 5: Centered on the Self. You need to celebrate yourself after Week 4. This week, we’ll stop people pleasing, and start pleasing ourselves. We’ll trade external validation for internal validation.
  • Week 6: Money Week. We’ll talk about the stories (and lies!) we’ve been told about money, and what to do about it now.
  • Week 7: Integration. Just like in the first class, we’ll use this week to put it all together, and figure out how to bring everything we learned into our creative process going forward.

Format-wise, it will be the same as The Map to Inspiration. Each week, there will be a video from Julie, including captions and a full transcript. Each week includes a downloadable workbook with concepts, ideas, actions, journal prompts and/or resources. There will also be a new forum on Discord where we can share with each other and ask any questions.

When does it start?

Unfolding the Map begins on Tuesday, April 30, 2024. It will run for seven weeks, and we’ll have a wrap-up Zoom at the end (sometime after June 18, 2024).

Can anyone take this class?

Only people who have taken The Map to Inspiration may sign up for Unfolding the Map. If you’re interested in The Map to Inspiration, sign up on that course page to be contacted when the next session opens.

Please don’t sign up for Unfolding the Map if you were not part of The Map to Inspiration.

Are there payment plans and scholarships available?

There is a payment plan (four monthly installments, no interest). There are a limited number of full scholarships available for this class, for underrepresented, marginalized, and writers of need. Send Julie a message if this applies to you.

No returns or refunds on this class.

Will Julie be able to answer my questions?

Yes! I will be part of the discussion group, and you are also welcome to email me questions that come up during class.

How long will I have access to this class?

You will have access to the class materials after the class ends, so you can return to them if you want to.

What if I still have a question?

Then click here to contact Julie, and she’ll answer any other questions you have:

Meet Julie

I’m Julie (she/her). I write books for children, and write about how to do creative work in these modern, distracting, times in my newsletter. I am deeply committed to creating stories, and also to getting everyone else to prioritize their own creativity, so that I’ll have more excellent art and stories to consume.

The last 5 years or so, I have been on a journey to step away from social media and digital distractions. Being online had affected my brain and creativity in a way that I couldn’t sit with anymore. I found I craved the quick-fix reward and validation of someone “liking” my internet post, when what I really wanted to be doing was building something slowly, offline. The reward for deep creative work is internal for much of the process. The external rewards, if they come, don’t happen for years. This is ok. We can make things slowly and know we are doing good work, even if we don’t get constant digital false rewards. This class is about deepening our relationship with our own creativity. It’s about learning how to be ok with the slow, good work of making something great.

This class builds on the foundation of The Map to Inspiration, and digs deeper into who we are, so we can mine our own lives and emotions to write deep, true books from our own hearts.