Dinner: Marmalade Chicken

by | Jan 10, 2009 | Food | 1 comment

I made this yummy marmalade chicken from Eating Well last week. I usually double the sauce on recipes like this, but I didn’t on this one, and there was plenty. I didn’t use chicken tenders because I think they’re too expensive, so I just used some frozen chicken thighs I had on hand and cut them into tender-sized pieces. If you happen to have orange marmalade and chicken in your house, you probably have all the ingredients for this right now. I served it with brown rice and broccoli. Easy, quick, and tasty, plus it is Henry-friendly in that all the parts of this meal can be separated and served in little individual piles that don’t touch each other.

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  1. Maryjo

    Julie, I came back here to Julies World out of curiosity of this site. So your little guy doesn’t like his food to touch other food, lol I now serve Max (7 years old) each individual food item in separate serving dishes. I wonder if your Henry is close to my Max’s age?

    While serving dinner yesterday evening, my son saw his broccoli touch his beef. Max went ballistic on me. I attempted to explain that when the food hits the tummy, it mixes together anyway. Max said “Mom ya gotta be wrong”, then he said “Mom that is sooooo gross. Be well Julie, Maryjo


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