Do-Ahead Holiday Breakfast that's Crazy Good

by | Dec 31, 2008 | Food | 4 comments

On Christmas morning we had these cinnamon buns from King Arthur Flour. A few years ago we made fancy yeast-raised cinnamon buns on Christmas morning, and they were great, but took a lot of time, and so Christmas morning became more about taking a break to bake something.

The buns we made this year were so easy it was kind of dumb. I felt like I was making that Ritz Cracker Mock Apple Pie or something, like these were Mock Cinnamon Buns. All you do is make biscuits (I made ones from How to Cook Everything), shape the dough into balls, roll the balls in melted butter, then in cinnamon sugar, and then throw them in a pan. The dough recipe I used fit perfectly in an 8×8 pan. Then you wrap it up and stuff it in the freezer, and when you’re ready, put it in a 350 degree oven for an hour.

We had ours with scrambled eggs, and I think the boys were frankly astonished that I had magically produced this unbelievably yummy baked good seemingly in the time it took me to put my contacts in. I’m telling you all this in case you want to go and rightthissecond make this so you can have it tomorrow morning for New Year’s Brunch, maybe with a mimosa or something. Because cinnamon sugar is supposed to guarantee good luck for the year (in World of Julie’s Fantasyland).


  1. LoriO

    Hey You! Thanks for finding me and leaving a comment!

    The cinnamon buns look divine. Do you have to do the freezer part?

    Sean and I, in dire need of something sweet took those popnfresh dough biscuit things, and put melted butter and cinnamona and sugar on them and baked as directed. Even those were good for an emergency. Yours look ten times better!

  2. Anne

    We used to do that with the pop’n’fresh dough when we were kids. We were thrilled that my grandmother found the suggestion (can’t really call it a recipe) in a magazine. They were pretty tasty!

  3. Julie

    The recipe we made sounds exactly like the pop-n-fresh dough one (let’s see how many different ways we can all punctuate “pop n fresh”), with the slightly weensy extra step of homemade biscuit dough. And yeah, I don’t know if you have to really do the freezer part. Some of the people commenting on the King Arthur Flour blog seemed to be questioning that, but the King Arthur people were saying it does make a difference. I mean, though, I’m sure it’s still going to be really good, what with the butter and cinnamon and sugar and all. I liked the make-ahead factor of freezing it. (I think they did say, also, that if you stick it right in the oven, that it won’t need to bake for as long.)

  4. sarah

    julie these look crazy good. i did a brunch the day after christmas and made these “quick orange rolls” with pillsbury french bread dough, the kind of ladies home journal baking i would normally scoff at, but i can’t tell you how yummy they were! i think it’s just hard to go wrong with any kind of gooey/cinnamon-y roll.
    happy new year!


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