Easter Eggs

by | Mar 30, 2010 | activities, holidays | 2 comments

We branched out a bit in our Easter egg designs this year. Rather than doing our usual rubber band designs, we got all inspired by this month’s Martha Stewart magazine and used electrical tape to make patterns (ok, Martha really mostly says to buy some kind of craft-store adhesive vinyl, but it was clear it was the same as electrical tape). Everyone had a good time making shapes, and, most especially, making their initials. I, as usual, just about had an anxiety attack due to ceramic cups, dye, and breakable eggs. I think I put way too much Significance on this type of once-a-year holiday ritual, and so I’m already worked up in a tizzy by the time we start.

After last year’s Easter debacle, I am going to plan ahead and be a little better prepared. I’m totally stealing the mixed-up egg idea from Make and Takes, and I think I might also do something which I read about somewhere else (where?) where you put a few puzzle pieces in each egg, so then the kids can put together a puzzle when they’ve found all the eggs. And I’ll throw a few jellybeans in there too, just so I’m not the world’s biggest anti-commercial-holiday ogre.

Can you sense my anxiety at this potentially disastrous mess? Though make sure you also notice Zuzu’s excellent Liberty of London from Target dress. She wants to wear it every day.

Henry and his jack-o-lanterny face egg.

Eli and his E.

As usual, the eggs were eaten almost as fast as they were made. Zuzu’s Z egg is in the lower left corner. Dave made my favorite egg: the one on the bottom row with the big green stripe.


  1. sutswana

    A friend at work just photocopied this article for me–nice coincidence! My frugal Yankee plan is to put strips of the electrical tape on parchment paper or wax paper (hear me out) and then use the craft punch to do “vinyl” stars and flowers. Or just cut wee little shapes. Peel off the parchment/wax paper and voilà, a hand-crafted sticker to dye (for) with. Mind you, I haven’t tried this yet and it might be a disaster, but it’s my big idea of the day.
    Your eggs look great! And I can relate about the micromanaging blues with the ceramic cups of dye baths and all. I’m sending our eggs to your house next Monday because my kids don’t have half the appetite yours do for eggs.

  2. Anne

    Dying eggs was good fun at our house and Sam was having a blast, until it was all over and Sam decided (DECIDED, not an accident) to pour a cup of pink dye all over the table and floor. I flipped out, I’m afraid. (CANNOT HAVE PINK DYED KITCHEN WHEN TRYING TO SELL HOUSE.) But then I worried that Sam would always associate dying Easter eggs not with fun but with my having a conniption over spilt pink dye. So I made amends, and guess who’s going in for Round 2 of egg dying tonight? Maybe we’ll try the tape method!


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