Epilatin’ the day away

by | Apr 9, 2009 | Julie | 6 comments

This entire post may be Too Much Information. I apologize in advance.

I come from a long line of hairy people. My ancestors needed to be extra hairy in order to stay warm in the mountains of Eastern Europe, I think, but here I live in this body-hair-free society. I have spent my life tackling my leg hair (except for when I was in college, when I let it be free, which was a bad idea in retrospect). Mostly I’ve gone with professional waxing. Shaving would be pointless (I’d be hairy again by noon), and I’ve done the waxing myself, but it’s time consuming, messy, and requires holding complex yoga positions like hirsuteasana to reach the back of my thigh.

Having three kids doesn’t really give me a lot of free time to run to the salon for denuding. I just kind of dealt with it when I could. And then somehow I stumbled across the Braun Silk-epil on Amazon, and after reading the majority of its 600 reviews, I knew it was the answer for me.

I got the thing about five months ago, but couldn’t really bring myself to use it. It was loud (and so invited a lot of, “What are you doing, Mommy?”) and good gracious it hurt. But the balmy 48-degree weather inspired me to give it another go, and one day last week I put Zuzu down for a nap, stuck Eli in front of a bunch of YouTube videos, and said, “I’m going in!”

Ok, so, yes, it hurts like the dickens when you start, but after a few minutes your pain receptors short out and it’s not so bad. And then it actually becomes kind of fun. The darn thing has a light on it so you can see every last hair and so suddenly I was obsessing over getting them all. The basic mechanics of it is that it’s like 40 whirling, twirling tweezers with no care as to how much pain they’re causing you. So it’s basically the same idea as waxing, but without the wax. And the Braun thing costs $60 which, let’s face it, is about the same as one trip to get waxed. I can’t believe how long it took me to finally use it. I got so into it that after I’d done my legs suddenly I was doing! my! bikini! line! and it wasn’t so horrible. And I also used it, I’m horrified to admit, to tweeze those chin hairs that have sprung out because apparently I’m 85 years old.

Ok, there you go. You now all know way more than you wanted to about my hair, and my new lack of hair. I’m just telling you because I wish I’d known about this epilator thing a few years ago. (I did know about them in general from the days of Epilady and the time in senior year at boarding school when I borrowed someone’s and immediately got it all caught in my head hair and had to spend the next hour carefully picking my hair out of its evil coils. I just didn’t know how much they’d evolved since then.)


  1. Anne

    Fascinating! I recently bought myself an electric razor, and was amazed at how far they’ve evolved since my mom’s late-70s era Norelco Ladybug or whatever it was. As in, the thing actually works effectively. I don’t think I need any Epi-ing, but I’m completely drawn in by the fact that it has a spotlight. Wow, how awesome is the 21st century? A spotlight. On your shaver. Genius.

  2. LoriO

    hirsuteasana! BWahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah!

  3. emily

    wow. I don’t know. I epiladied for a second in the late 80’s, and vowed never to go near it again. with wax, you have that weird hot/cold thing going on, distracting from the ouch pull part, (which is the cold of the hot/cold, I think) but epilady, just ouch ouch ouch…I’m curious, though. but…I don’t know. I am really fearless when it comes to wax depilitating, but I’m afraid of this. But I’m poor now, and can’t afford fearless, east-block merciless Ms. Grace down the block who is not afraid to get all gynecological…at least not as often as I’d like.

  4. Julie

    Em, you may want to give it a try. I think it’s the same pain factor as waxing. You do have to get gynecological on yourself, which takes some forethought and gumption, or at least a glass of wine. But it’s loads cheaper than getting waxed by someone else. And it has a light! I swear it’s a million worlds apart from an Epilady.

  5. emily

    are you still using this? is it still what you hoped it would be after repeated use?

  6. Julie

    It’s maybe 75% what I hoped it would be. It doesn’t pull hairs out quite as deeply as waxing does. But it definitely does PULL them out — after I do it my legs are all red and spotty, like after waxing. I still really love it, though, because I just don’t have time or money to get my legs waxed any more. Much, much easier to do it myself every two weeks.


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