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by | Jun 13, 2009 | etsy, Julie | 3 comments

A few weeks ago, I recommended the gorgeous belts from Eternally Chic. Extremely astute readers may have noticed that my mom offered to get my one for my birthday, even though my birthday was in March, and even though she already got me something awesome.

I’ll spare you the details of my hesitation (not being mothered by your mother at 38, being a grownup enough to buy your own belt, etc.) and just tell you that I got over myself and said yes, please.

A few days ago I received the Instant Babe belt in dark brown. Eternally Chic proprietress extraordinaire Barb is so fabulous she actually included two belt buckles, one like the one in the picture, and one rectangular one with some little sparkles.

Ok, so, yeah, the whole point of this update post here is to say that this belt is just awesome and hip and, if I do say so myself, rockin’. And, hilariously enough, it is the Instant Babe belt. I mean, I may have been a babe before, you know, but the first day I wore it, I went to the grocery store right after dropping Henry off at school, and men were falling all over me. It was crazy. I was wearing my usual jeans-and-black-t-shirt combo, and I did have my boots on, but STILL. Men were STARING. At one point I asked a grocery clerk where the sprinkles were, and three other grocery clerks came running to help me find them. I checked when I got home and I didn’t have a giant booger or butt crack issues or anything. I really think it was the belt.

It definitely went to my head. At one point I was all belt-giddy and some guy was walking super close to my cart, and I thought he was going to comment on my beautiful children as a way to start a conversation with me (he was sort of looking in their direction) (and yes, I was this egotistical at this point, at 9:30 in the morning) and then I snapped out of it and realized he was trying to squeeze around my giant car cart that I had parked haphazardly in front of the dried fruit while I stared aimlessly at the shelves looking for golden raisins.

But if you are in need of a confidence booster, get this belt. You will be strutting all over town.


  1. Kate

    I could really use a belt called Instant Babe in my life but I’ll need to wait until I get my waist back first!

  2. Clog

    I hardly call a “beater blade” a decent birthday gift for a hot babe with three young kids.

  3. Sarah

    I must have this belt!!


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