Etsy: Pudleduk Soap Company

by | Jan 18, 2009 | etsy | 0 comments

I love when I am in need of some completely random thing, like soap, and decide for no reason in particular to do a search for said item on Etsy, and find out that there are, in fact, many of these items for sale. Etsy has quite a few handmade soaps, but once I discovered Pudleduk Soap Company, that was all I needed (despite the fact that it looks to me like they’re spelling their own name incorrectly).

They are a mother and daughter who live on a farm in Maine and make these soaps out of goat milk they get from their very own goat (goats?). All of the scents I’ve tried are heavenly, and the soaps last a fairly long time. I particularly like the patchouli (my inner hippie is a sucker for patchouli-scented stuff) and the oatmeal soap which has little exfoliating oatmeal bits in it. Occasionally they have a bulk sampler pack where you can pick three different soaps for $12. It’s worth checking their shop frequently as the scents change with the seasons.

The soaps all also come packaged in cute little fabric bags which make them instantly giftable (if you can manage to part with any).


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