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by | May 22, 2009 | etsy | 9 comments

All my shirts are now back home after their brief vacation in the Rise Gallery Wearable Art Show (where, thankfully, a few of them did find new homes). And so now I’m actually working to get every last shirt in my inventory up in my Etsy shop. Hurray! Huge huge thanks to my family (Dave, Henry, Eli, and Zuzu have all been forced to model) and also most especially to Stacey for running over here to model in exchange for a loaf of homemade oatmeal maple bread.


  1. Stacey

    I’m not sure standing around stiffly in a tight shirt with express instructions not to show my face counts as “modeling” but you’re welcome! Oh, thanks for reminding me I still have 1/2 loaf of yummy bread I can finish for breakfast today. Yay! Gotta go. (By the way the Rise link is invalid.)

  2. liz

    oh, i love your etsy shop! what great images. i just favorited your shop!! (favorited. is that a word?)

  3. sutswana

    Hmm…here at school the Rise link brings the firewall with this message: access denied because it’s in the porn category! Well, I suppose there’s another “rise” site out there with another meaning, non?

  4. Julie

    Ok! Rise link removed for now, since we’re off to the beach and I don’t want anyone stumbling upon porn.

    Oh Liz, I feel like my shirts are the ugly stepsiblings to your shirts! But thanks for favoriting. Ok, they’re not that bad, I’m just tired.

    And, for the record, it was Stacey who directed that her face was not to be in the photos, not me. I’d be happy to have Stacey’s face!

  5. Clog

    I wish you did the lady exercising in women’s sizes. Make a great exercise yoga or pilates shirt!

  6. Julie

    I think I might have the lady exercising in women’s sizes, although for the American Apparel shirts I have, “women” is defined as “not particularly curvy.” If I were to do any more, I would pick a different women’s shirt from them. I can’t wear the shirts I have, or at least, not comfortably. But you’re right, they would make a good yoga shirt!

  7. liz

    yeah, those american apparel women’s shirts run “teeny tiny” and then shrink to “the size of a nine year old girl.” but they do have other styles that fit better.

  8. sutswana

    Ditto Clog!

  9. Julie

    The loopiest part about the American Apparel shirts is that the medium is called “Medium/One Size” which I assume means “one size fits all.” Which must mean “one size fits all preschoolers.”


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