Happy Inauguration Day!

by | Jan 20, 2009 | Food | 10 comments

Phew! Big sigh of relief that Barack Obama is finally about to become our president. My neighbor Adriane sent me a link to a post about Kate Clinton doing a smudge stick ceremony at the White House to get rid of the bad Bush mojo. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I feel like I need to do the same thing at my radio and television.

Anyway. We went to a lovely Inauguration Party yesterday at our neighbors Ruth and Jon’s house*, and Ruth made Obama Chili, which is apparently the chili he likes. You know, in case he stopped by or anything. So I made some salted toffee (I know it’s not salted caramels, but I this was easier). It was too easy, in fact. I should have added more salt (and I didn’t use fleur de sel, because I didn’t have any, but used coarse sea salt). I felt like I was adding a ton, but then Zuzu woke up from her nap and started crying and so I just sprinkled on what salt was in my hand, all the time thinking, “This is too much salt.” But you could barely taste it. The toffee (which is made of nothing but poisons) is unbelievably tasty on its own, though, so it was ok.

My only other thought was to bring a big bunch of arugula to the party, and that didn’t seem very festive (though it would have been a lot healthier).

*It was a very lovely party until the very end when I clutzily tripped and stubbed my toes so momentously that I actually broke two of them. If this had been a McCain Pity Party I would totally be blaming the government, but, being a celebration party, I’m feeling the audacity of hopefulness despite broken toes.


  1. Paticus

    ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow

  2. Julie

    They feel better today, but they are UGLY. All swollen and purple.

  3. Kate

    NOT fun. Hope they’re on the mend soon!

  4. LoriO

    Oh ouchy! Sorry about your piggies.

    I need to make toffee now.

  5. sarah

    Jules – do you remember when I laughed so hard at NMH in our room I fell back on the bed, raised my legs, banged my toe on the upper bunk and broke it? I will be really impressed if you do.
    That memory just popped out of the middle of NOWHERE 🙂

  6. Emily

    what kind of poisons, exactly? because I think I might need them.

  7. Julie

    Sarah, not only do I remember that, but I remember it vividly enough to remember we were listening to David Byrne “True Stories” when it happened.

    Poisons: sugar, butter (LOTS of butter), corn syrup. And then: salt.

  8. Julie

    Oh, also, my toes are MUCH better so I suppose it is possible that I didn’t actually break them. They still hurt, but I can walk just fine.

    Also, also: I had to throw out the rest of the toffee after eating way too much yesterday and getting toffee queasies and realizing that addictive toffee probably didn’t go with trying to get rid of belly pfoof.

  9. sarah

    You are so good. SO GOOD.

  10. Julie

    Well, as I recall, we did listen to “True Stories” every day all day, so it’s not that much of a stretch.


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