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by | Jan 28, 2010 | baking, Julie | 3 comments

Yesterday a woman said to me, “Any day now, huh?” and I had to swallow and smile and say, “I’ve got four more months!” She totally backtracked and said something about, “Oh, but you’re gorgeous!” and it was all I could do not to say, “Yeah, whatever, shut up, lady.” (Instead I very diplomatically said, “Well, it is the fourth kid.”)

In other news, today is Dave’s birthday, and I’ve got the carrot cake from Smitten Kitchen baking in the oven. Once again I am Good Wife adding walnuts and raisins to a baked good, because I know he wants them.


  1. emily

    layers and layers of crazy…I’ve been wanting to make carrot cake for three days now and today just bought flour at TARGET (yes, target flour, eeks) so I could do it! and now I have your recipe! because I was feeling a little suspicious about the moosewood carrot cake (would it be healthfoody or nice) and for heavenes sake what’s vegetarian cooking for everyone doing without a carrot cake recipe! also joy of cooking doesn’t have one. I was kerflummoxed. AND on tuesday when I was out in the world during the day, the world being teh upperwest side, which should not have had such a deficit, diner-and-bakery-laden as it is, I COULD NOT FIND ONE SLICE OF CARROT CAKE!! not one!

    phew. now i’ma gonna go bake.

  2. Julie

    Em, you will not be disappointed with this one. I have had similar problems finding carrot cake recipes in the past, and for years made the one from the New York Cookbook. Last year I decided to mix it up and try this one, and it blew the one from NY Cookbook out of the water (out of the baking pan?). You will go nuts.

  3. emily

    ok, I am here to testify: it IS, truly, the BEST CARROT CAKE YOU’VE EVER EATEN. I’m not kidding. not heavy or oily, perfectly spiced, not healthfood, tender, moist, crazy good. like good without the frosting, which, as smitten kitchen points out, is the reason most people like carrot cake, including me. wow.


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