One Year

by | Sep 17, 2009 | Julie | 11 comments

Hey, I almost missed it! One year ago, I posted my first post on my WordPress blog. And 377 posts later, here we are (though let’s not forget the many places you can get lost in the original World of Julie site). To celebrate the occasion, I got a haircut:

Ok, not really. I got a haircut because I desperately needed one (very diplomatic stylist upon seeing me and assessing my needs: “So, well. It’s long. And there’s a lot of it. And it’s all kind of just hanging there.”) There was essentially a haystack of hair on the floor when she was done, as well as two combs, because I had such a mass of hair that she kept losing combs in it, or something.

The really amazing part is that all three kids stayed with Sutswana (and her two kids), and Zuzu didn’t make a peep and when I returned she gave me one look and then demanded that Sutswana continue to help her practice walking around. Sutswana and I were both shocked. We seriously both expected her to be a weepy mess for at least part of the time. S. was all worried that I’d be heartbroken or offended, but I was psyched. I mean, I know Zuzu loves me. She tells me all the time. I’m just really really glad that she knows that when I leave I come back (that, or she just understood by looking at me that I really, really needed a haircut).


  1. Anne

    Fabulous! Great to know Zuzu was good with the time away, too. Yay all around!

  2. emily

    it’s not the hair that’s bowling me over (though you have totally acheived what nyc hairdresser tiffany-the-tattooed-lady calls “mermaid hair”) so much as your CHEEKBONES! heavens! it’s a whole nother level of lovely/fit you’ve reached in the last months, my goodness how inspiring!

  3. Patrick

    Happy blogoversary!!
    And cheers to a kickin’ autumn ‘do!

  4. Julie

    Emily, you are proof that we have skewed views of ourselves. I was seriously going to write some comment in the post like “My hair looks good, but who knows why my face is all puffy and enormous?”

    Are you sure you weren’t distracted by the fact that an angel from the heavens above seems to be landing on my head?

  5. Elizabeth

    I actually was thinking: luminescent skin, tousled hair…gorgeous!

    I thought your hair was totally straight – how did she achieve the effortless-looking waves? Or have hormonal changes changed your hair, too?

  6. Julie

    It turns out my hair was secretly wavy; it was just always long and one-length, so we never knew. About 8 years ago I went to get a haircut armed with pages from the Sundance catalog, and the guy was like, “Well, all these women have wavy hair, and…hmm…you might too.” All I need are lots of layers and some kind of scrunching spray. Though she blew it dry with a diffuser yesterday too, which will never happen in real life.

  7. Kris P. Chips

    Julie: I mistook the heavenly angel to be the paparazzi outside your house. What I can’t get over is the fact that if I wasn’t clued in to the fact that this photo was taken today, I may have easily assumed it was from college (and I mean that in the best of ways).

    Emily: I am amazed at how easily your voice is heard whenever I read your words. You are one of the few people who can capture their voice in the written word (and I mean that in the best of ways).

  8. Julie

    Ch/Kris, you are a doll. Or a liar.

    And I totally agree about Emily having the most authentic voice on the planet.

  9. Kris P. Chips

    I’m no doll, nor am I a liar (well, I do enjoy telling a story). Honestly, you look like the Julie I knew from college. (Do you remember when we first met? I don’t. But I feel like I should be remembering a story. I mean, there’s some fuzzy image trying to emerge, but I’m too lazy at the moment to focus on such a story. Is there one? Feel free to lie.)

  10. Mo

    LOVE the hair! You are inspiration (especially since I have not gotten my haircut in 2 years – ooops).

  11. emily

    Thanks ya’ll. hee-larious. It’s funny, I don’t remember when we all met either. except julie was suddenly my, like, champion in arts housery. we must have had a class together julie? how did it happen? outside of what I remember, which was wanting to be your friend from afar and then suddenly BEING your friend. wavy hair and all. I know isn’t it funny that wavy thing? who knew underneath all that lying around hair there were waves? me too!


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