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by | Oct 17, 2012 | clutter, housekeeping, Julie | 8 comments

The work around here continues to be colored by my knee. Apparently you don’t just have ACL surgery and then hop up the next day to do the hustle. It takes six months before that can happen (and then another six months of intensive dance lessons from Leif Garrett). And so, two weeks (and change) later, I am off crutches, but still in the giant knee brace, which renders me slow (and on stairs, slower).

So I’m still sleeping in the library off of our living room (note: this is an actual room; I’m not sleeping in the Little Free Library). Which makes it really hard to put the books back on the shelf, so the library floor is now taken up entirely by a mattress and huge drifts of books.

ACL surgery = many more messes (and ironic book placement) | World of Julie

We put the bathtub (tiny tiny bathtub) in our upstairs bathroom-to-be (tiny tiny bathroom-to-be). Progress!

Henry in our new tiny bathtub | World of Julie

Zuzu likes to take the camera and take 48 photos of toys she wants from a catalog, 22 photos of her feet, and 14 super-close photos of her own face. Dave swears she looks exactly like me in this one:

Zuzu, self portrait

And here’s one where she doesn’t look so serious:

Zuzu, self portrait

And with this post I further cement my role as The Blogger Who Isn’t Afraid to Show Her Messy House or Her Crusty Children.


  1. Lisa van O

    Um, is Dave trying to tell you something Julie?

  2. Julie

    Apparently he’s trying to tell me that I need to blow my nose.

  3. Christina

    Henry looks like he’s a member of the band Oasis! Are you enjoying that Cleaning House book? It is on my to-read list…

  4. Julie

    Christina, you’re not the first person to make an Oasis comment about his hair!

    I’m LOVING that Cleaning House book. You’ll love it too — though I think you can wait a year or two to read it; a lot of the things she’s doing don’t make sense until your kid is 6 or so (making dinner, doing laundry, cleaning toilets). I have big plans to implement similar things when I’m on my feet a bit more.

  5. Nancy Fairweather

    my favourite housing cleaning book and general morale booster is : Superwoman (by Shirley Conran). I heard that she was later embarrassed she had written this book, but I thank God for her and it. Motto: Life is too short to stuff a mushroom. My own motto is: More carrot, less stick; but that’s a different recipe. 🙂

  6. Willyn

    i believe there is nothing wrong with showing our messy side’s part of what we call reality 🙂

  7. Renee

    Hi I need a tiny bathtub like that! This post is a few years old I don’t suppose you remember where you purchased it or the brand name? Thanks

    • Julie

      I do remember! It’s Bootz brand, from Home Depot. We had to special order it, but it came pretty quickly. The style was “Honolulu” because, I guess, you’re supposed to pretend you aren’t in your tiny bathroom but are actually vacationing in Hawaii?


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