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by | May 13, 2009 | Eli, Henry, Zuzu | 6 comments

Our biggest order of business when we were in Baltimore was going to the Aquarium. But I have to say, they’ve redesigned it since we lived there, and I was kind of disappointed. It was very dark (scary for Eli), and for at least half of the fish there was no signage (“Mommy! What’s that fish?” “Um…hang on [looking around wildly]…I have no idea.”). The dolphin show was amazing, I will say that. And I’m very glad we went on a Wednesday morning during the school year; it was practically deserted. All in all, I liked the Camden Aquarium much better.

So we got back to the hotel room with the ridiculous idea (mine) of taking a nap, but everyone was bouncing off the walls. “Let’s go find a playground!” I announced, without knowing that there’s no such thing as a playground in the Inner Harbor. The lady at the front desk in the hotel looked at me like I was wearing a live crab for a hat for even thinking there’s be such a thing. But she directed us to Port Discovery, the children’s museum, where I grudgingly dragged the kids (I was annoyed at having to spend more money).

BUT! Port Discovery was so awesomely amazing that the kids actually insisted that we go back again the next day because they didn’t get to do everything they wanted to do. There was a whole room dedicated to playing with water where they probably could have spent weeks. And a cowboy thing that Eli is still talking about, and an Egypt mummy cave thing that Eli was too scared about but Henry kept forging into alone because he’s slightly Egypt-obsessed right now. And a room for babies that Zuzu loved (mostly because she got to observe other babies, and she usually only hangs out with her brothers) (and lying down on the hard floor of the baby room was the only time I was actually comfortable during the whole trip). Plus the second day we went, there were some art college students testing their toy prototypes, and that was fun too.

Henry making giant bubbles.

You can see what a fun time Zuzu had playing with the water (and I was really psyched that they had special little chairs for babies, because the floor of the water room was sopping wet so I couldn’t put her down to crawl around).

Here they are being cowboys.

Eli doesn’t look quite as over-the-moon as he actually was, but I think it’s because he’s concentrating really hard on actually being a real cowboy.

Figures: my video-deprived kids find the one tiny television screen in the museum, and refuse to be dragged away.


  1. Anne

    Cool! This reminds me of the Stepping Stones Museum in Norwalk (also with the big water room and the baby room, though no cowboys to my recollection). There’s also a good aquarium in Norwalk. You should have just come visited us and hung out in Norwalk. We have playgrounds here, too. 😉

    Sam also looks very serious when he’s over the moon about something, like he’s concentrating really hard on the whole experience.

    I love how Zuzu is just bursting with smiles, like her little face isn’t big enough to exhibit all the smiley-ness and happiness she’s feeling.

  2. Julie

    I would have much rather gone to Norwalk than all the way down to Baltimore. We did stop at the New Haven Ikea, but that’s as close as we got to you (I mean, other than the highway).

    I know: Zuzu’s life is going to be a great one if it continues like this, that her biggest problem is that she smiles so big her face can’t hold it.

  3. Sarah

    I second Anne – The aquarium & Stepping Stone museum in Norwalk are both great! You should make a trip, Julie! That said, now I’m thinking we might have to visit the Boston Childrens Museum when you come visit.

  4. Sarah

    Like that shirt, Zuzu!!

  5. Julie

    Zuzu lately should just wear a sign that says, “Outfit by Sarah.”

  6. Sarah

    You should see the massive bag she has growing in Annikas closet!


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