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My next book, Snappsy the Alligator and His Best Friend Forever (Probably), comes out on October 3 (that’s in just a few weeks!). I’m planning some local (Portland, Maine area) parties to celebrate. Come to Print Bookstore on October 3 for the launch party if you’re in the area!

I am also going to have a party at the South Portland library (details to come!). The new Snappsy book has a library, smoothies, pizza, temporary tattoos, and a BFF Sleepover. So the party at the library is going to be a SLEEPOVER. Well, an almost sleepover. We’ll wear pajamas. And then go home to our own comfortable beds to sleep.

I am going to wear a shirt that looks like this as my pajama top:

And, you know, if I’m ordering one for me, I might as well order one more as a giveaway, right?

Here’s all you have to do to enter: pre-order Snappsy the Alligator and His Best Friend Forever (Probably) by October 2, 2017. Send me proof of the pre-order by emailing it to me at julie AT juliefalatko DOT com. You can take a screenshot of your receipt, or forward me the order email or, I don’t know, send me a video of your local independent bookseller saying, “I swear I placed the pre-order, really I did.”

I will randomly choose a winner on October 3. You will get to pick your t-shirt, so this works if you want it for any size human. This will be an extremely limited edition shirt, so if you win it, you will be one of just a few people on earth to have one. So if you’ve been looking for a way to ensure you don’t wear the same outfit as your rival to prom, this is your chance.

How do you pre-order? It’s easy! There are a few ways! Choose one! Choose them all!

  • Enter your nearest local independent bookseller and ask them to order it for you. Or call them. They’ll even place your order over the phone.
  • Place your order online through one of my local independent booksellers, Bull Moose. This is the option to choose if you want a signed and personalized copy. All copies ordered through Bull Moose by September 25, 2017 will be signed by me. If you want that copy to also be personalized, reply to the confirmation email you get when you order, and tell them what you want me to write in it, or who you want me to personalize it for.
  • Lots of other online ordering options! Amazon! Barnes & Noble! Books-a-Million! Powell’s!

If you’ve already pre-ordered, THANK YOU. You can still enter, of course! Just send me that proof email, and you’re entered!

(What’s the big deal about pre-orders? The short answer is it encourages bookstores to stock more copies of the book, and proves to the publisher that the author is worth spending money on. There is an excellent short blog post by Kim Hooper about the importance of pre-orders.)




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