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It’s pre-order time for No Boring Stories! And if you pre-order, you get a present! From me! I’m sure you have questions, so let’s get right to it.

Q. What’s No Boring Stories about?

A. No Boring Stories is about a bunny who wants to be a writer. The problem is, she writes pretty weird stories, and the other picture book animals — kittens, puppies, bears, etc. — don’t know how to help her make her stories better. They’re all writing about mommies and bedtime. Bunny is so excited when she finds a group of animals who are writing their own weird story. But they’re skeptical. What does she know about writing a story about a Princess Babirusa who is trying to save her kingdom’s sandwiches from evil grapes?

It’s about writing, and finding your writer pals, and critique groups, and how sometimes writing is hard but you have to keep trying in order to write the story in your heart. Even (especially!) if that story is really odd. It’s illustrated by Charles Santoso, and the pictures in this book are so incredible. I mean, look at that cover! The inside is just as great.

My publisher is pitching it as “Breakfast Club” meets The Day the Crayons Quit. I probably should have led with that.

Q. What do I get if I pre-order?

A. You get a NO BORING STORIES! pencil and a notebook to write your own weird story ideas in. The notebook is the perfect size to stick into your pocket. The pages are blank, so you can write words and draw pictures too. The front lets everyone know that you’re a member of the International Society for Writers of Odd and Weird, which is the name of the critique group in the book. You can also call it ISWOW. Because that’s what you should think when you look at your new stories: “This story…is wow!”

You will also get a No Boring Stories postcard written from me, to you, thanking you for being so nice.

Q. How do I pre-order?

A. You can pre-order No Boring Stories from any retailer that carries books. There is a list of links here.

This is the important part: the book will come from wherever you pre-order it from. The notebook and pencil will come from me.

In order to make that all happen the way it’s supposed to, you need to do the next thing.

Q. How do I get the notebook and pencil and the special signed postcard that is written especially for me?

A. Pre-order No Boring Stories, and then forward me the receipt and your mailing address to julie AT juliefalatko DOT com.

I won’t know you pre-ordered unless you send me the receipt. I won’t know where to send your swag unless you send me your address.

Q. What if I want a signed or personalized copy?

A. You can get a signed, personalized copy from Bull Moose, one of my local indies.

Every copy of No Boring Stories pre-ordered by November 2, 2018 will be signed.

If you would also like your copy to be personalized, reply to the order confirmation email you get from Bull Moose by November 2, 2018 telling them what you want me to write inside.

Q. I’m confused. Can you give me an example?

A. Sure! Let’s say you want to buy a signed copy of No Boring Stories for your nephew, Wilberforce.

First, order a copy of No Boring Stories by November 2, 2018 from Bull Moose.

Second, reply to your Bull Moose order confirmation email and tell them what you want me to write in the book. Like: “Hi! Please have Julie write “To Wilberforce, Happy Arbor Day! Keep writing, and stay weird. Love, Aunt Wilhemina.”

Third, send me an email with your order receipt (probably easiest to forward me the order email from Bull Moose) and tell me where to send the notebook and pencil. You can have me send it to you, or to Wilberforce. Doesn’t matter to me.

(Don’t want me to personalize it to Wilberforce or anyone else? No need to reply to Bull Moose.)

(Don’t want a signed copy? Then order it from anywhere, by midnight November 5, 2018, and send me an email with the pre-order receipt and your address.)

Q. What’s the deal with pre-ordering, anyway?

A. Pre-ordering is ordering a book before the book’s publication date. Pre-ordering a book is a great way to support authors. It lets the publisher know that there’s interest, convinces local bookstores to stock a book, and pushes online retailer’s complex algorithms to recommend the book to other shoppers.

It is kind of awkward to ask readers to pre-order, and that’s why some authors (like me!) offer pre-order incentives to try to entice you to order the book before it comes out. Essentially: if you’re thinking of buying No Boring Stories anyway, I’d love it if you would order it before November 6, and, to prove my undying love, I’ll send you this special pencil and notebook.

Q. I have more questions.

A. Ok! Ask in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.



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