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A photo from yesterday, just to prove shes ok.

A photo from yesterday, just to prove she's ok.

Why do I always think that if we can make it through February without getting sick, we’ll be fine? But the first week of March we had Round One of Colonel Cough-n-cold, and now we’ve got something else. It’s some kind of overnight illness, where you’re fine one day, and then you wake up coughing and unable to get out of bed. Henry was out of school Tuesday and Wednesday, and yesterday Eli woke up complaining of “not feeling well” (once again my children are channeling the Victorians…do anyone else’s kids say, “I’m not feeling well”?). Zuzu seems fine so far, but really, why wouldn’t she get it?

Maybe because she’s a tough little trooper, as evidenced by last Saturday, when she fell off the changing table and apparently fractured her clavicle, though I didn’t find out that diagnosis until Thursday when we brought her in for her 9 month well baby visit. Lessons learned: I am terribly distracted. Sarah doesn’t care if the bed is made, Julie, so don’t turn your back to make it just because she’s coming up to visit. Zuzu is such a happy girl that even though I TOTALLY BROKE HER, she still rallies and just has one mildly fussy day, and then is completely her old self 24 hours later.

Also: if you break your clavicle, you don’t do anything. You just treat it gently. It’s the only bone that doesn’t require complicated setting or anything, and just heals on its own.

I feel pretty awful about it.

But still, here we are with some kind of mild fluishness descending upon us. It’s hard enough to get everyone ready in the morning, but it’s well nigh impossible when various children are sick. Plus yesterday I had to make sure Henry dressed in red because it was “Red Day” at school, whatever that means. And then of course Henry called out, “I think I have lice!” (He doesn’t.)


  1. Kate

    Sorry to hear about Zuzu’s boo boo! We’re all desperately hoping that the arrival of spring ushers in a healthier chapter in our lives. The never-ending colds, bouts of flu and an evil stomach virus that had Hugh throwing up for the first time ever (on me, as I lay in bed trying to recover from a night hunkered over the bowl myself) were not fun. I think this has been a bad season for everyone this year!

  2. emily

    well, that’ll teach her to roll!

    I know you feel bad, but really, it’s ok. I’m so sorry you’re all sick. funny how when you’re sick you can’t imagine ever being well again.

  3. Julie

    Emily, I’m so tired that I just read your comment as “I’m glad you’re all sick.” Har.

    And yes, when will we all be well again. I force everyone outside to breathe fresh air, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Especially on days like yesterday when it randomly started snowing.


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