Ramona is 1!

by | May 25, 2011 | Ramona | 1 comment

Wow, that was fast. All of a sudden, Ramona is 1. She has graduated from rolling to full-on crawling, and just this VERY second, just crawled up one step from the back porch into the kitchen. In the past few weeks she is adopting more kid mannerisms and is much less babylike.

She’s very excited to be able to move with purpose and go where she wants to go.

Make sure you notice the bunny in Ramona’s hand in the beginning of that video. It was made for us by Susan, and it’s Ramona’s most favorite thing ever. She needs to sleep with it, and I often find her giving it big hugs.

What else? Zuzu has been asking for “cherry stuff” for her birthday since January (her birthday is in June). I’m having some trouble figuring out what this means.

I’m kind of into FlyLady right now, but I’m only halfway through the “beginner steps.” I think you’re supposed to get through the beginner steps in a month; I’ve been working on them since March. But still, it’s made a huge difference in what the house looks like. I’m excited to some day get through all the beginner steps and get into the real stuff.

I am very much looking forward to the end of school. While it means my free time goes from 60 seconds a week to 2 seconds, everyone seems much happier when we’re all home. Yes, there’s a lot of bickering, sure, but the day-long “let’s pretend we’re in these six books all mixed together” sessions can begin.

My 60 seconds are up. Posting this before someone lights something on fire.

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  1. Kate

    Happy Birthday Ramona! She’s so cute and I just love her curls!


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