Sleepy Bunny to the Rescue

by | Aug 24, 2011 | toys | 2 comments

Once upon a time, there was a tired baby. Or a cranky baby. Or whining baby. And she received the gift of a soft, floppy, lavender-filled bunny. And that bunny brought such immediate unmistakable relief to the baby. Something about this bunny, I tell you, resonates deeply with children. Ramona will be crying, and then, just to get the bunny in her hand, she will sigh deeply, suck on her finger, and lean contentedly on my shoulder.

Once upon a time, we went camping, and, somehow, while camping, we lost Sleepy Bunny. The following week was sad and tragic, as we searched and searched, and Ramona slept fitfully, always wanting Bunny. I had guilty visions of the poor bunny lost in the woods. And so dear Susan sent not one bunny, but TWO, and peace was restored. And then! We went camping again, and Dave got in his sleeping bag, and there was Bunny! So then we had three bunnies. And then Zuzu put on the sad puppy eyes and asked for a pink bunny, and Susan is so darned nice she found some pink flannel and made one up. So now we have four bunnies. Which is just the right number really, when you have a baby who calms and sleeps much easier when there’s a bunny in her arms (and when the bunnies have a habit of scooting under pillows and getting lost in the blankets).

For months I have been begging Susan to put the bunnies in her Etsy shop, because they’re such a great baby gift, and the tired babies of the world need their bunnies. And now she finally has! Go check it out!


  1. Lisa

    I think I will get one each for my whole familY! So adorable–thanks for the tip!

  2. Julie

    Lisa, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are totally something I wouldn’t really look at if I didn’t know how much kids love them. They’re just these floppy, lavender-scented things. But I’m a convert. Love them!


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