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So I did manage to pull together the smorgasbord, which was smorgasdelicious, but also is the least healthy meal I’ve cooked in eons. It’s made entirely of salt and fat. I threw a plate of spinach in at the last minute because I couldn’t deal with an all white-and-brown meal. The best part was the Jansson’s Temptation (the casserole dish on the left), which was essentially scalloped potatoes with anchovies mixed in. Why haven’t I thought to add anchovies to potatoes before? I did wimp out and do half heavy cream/half skim milk instead of all heavy cream, because I was starting to worry about the fat content of the meal. Also featured in the World of Julie Smorgastbord: deviled eggs (we are always looking for an excuse to make deviled eggs), every kind of herring I could find in the store, smoked salmon, pumpernickel, and some cheese. I had Jarslberg (yes, Mom, I got more Jarlsberg because even though I mocked you for bringing 12 pounds of Jarlsberg, the fact is we ate it all in two days and wanted more), some random gouda I found in the cheese drawer, and this strange brown Norwegian Gjetost cheese (good luck on that website, I looked in the Produkter but couldn’t find it, though am somewhat interested in Smoothies er Perfekt) that Dave said seemed like it was just Norwegian Velveeta. Dave also wanted capers and red onion with his smoked salmon and cream cheese and spinach sandwich, but I pointed out that then it would be Julie’s Favorite Brunch Bagel and not at all Swedish.

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  1. Sarah

    I am so hungry right now and this is not helping. I don’t like herring at all the somehow the potatoes sound delish? mmm…deviled eggs…


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