Sweet Potato Latkes

by | Jan 1, 2009 | Eli, Food | 0 comments

Last week there was so much latke talk that I just couldn’t stand it any more and had to make some. Of course we had no potatoes, but I had this bee in my bonnet, and was very happy to find a recipe that could use the sweet potatoes we did have on hand. Yum! Pardon me as I say that there is no good way to photograph food in my kitchen after dark. They were much more appetizing than the photo might lead you to believe. We had them with a spinach frittata. It was a fake healthy food dinner, because it was really kind of like greasy diner food, but it was made with a few superfoods (spinach, sweet potato) so we’re all antioxidanted or whatever we need to be to lead long happy lives (and eggs? are eggs a superfood? no, I don’t think so. but at least we got our RDA of lutein).

I did follow the suggestion of one of the recipe’s reviewers, and drain the latkes on a wire rack over paper towels, and I think that did cut down on the grease a little, for what it’s worth. The kids were very happy about this entire meal, also, which is always an exciting occurrence.


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