Portland is for Foodies

Not only does the dining section in today’s New York Times have a big article about Portland, but all the photos are from our very own Stacey! There’s a drool-worthy slideshow too. Yay, Stacey!

Early June = blue canning jars

I like how Stacey and I both somehow interpret this time of year as the time to pull out the vintage blue canning jar and shove some greenery in (Stacey puts in chive blossoms, I’ve got side-of-the-Greenbelt daisies).

More birthday baked goods: peanut butter crispy bars

A week ago, on my birthday, Eli and I decided to do some birthday browsing at our local bookstore, which is something we haven’t done in forever. I was feeling all birthday-happy and decided to get the boys some stickers. They love stickers so much but...