Wearable Art Show this Saturday

by | Apr 1, 2009 | Julie | 4 comments

For those of you in Southern Maine, check out the Wearable Art show this Saturday at Rise Gallery at 864 Broadway in South Portland. My entire inventory of shirts (sizes from babies to adults) will be there, and there are some really amazing one-of-a-kind clothes and jewelry as well. When I was dropping things off there was a woman who had made jeans (jeans! amazing! who makes jeans?) and an incredible top to go with it, and who also repurposes thrift store t-shirts into skirts. I also saw some excellent hats. The opening is this Saturday (April 4) from 6-9, and the show runs for two months.

Today I learned that it is nearly impossible to take a photo of objects in a storefront window. Or at least it was at the time of day I tried to. But in the first one you can kind of see the cool dress in the center, and my shirt with a skirt on the left. In the second photo you can get a better view of my shirt and the great Maine horse skirt (this must be one of the ones upcycled from a t-shirt, though I didn’t see it when I was in before), plus a necklace and a hat. (Though the second photo still seems to be more about the reflection of the electrical lines.)


  1. Sarah

    So cool Julie! So you ever look on IStock.com for more of those vintage prints?

  2. emily

    more and more I think in life it’s about what we make. look at you out there, making. (ok, now that sounds potentially potty-related, sorry julie).

  3. Julie

    Ha ha! Look at me, making!

    Seriously though, I am all about trying to have a productive life here. Otherwise, with kids, you are living second by second and dust mite by dust mite, and ten years later you peek your head up out of the laundry basket and realize that Stuff has been Happening. At least, that’s my feeling.

    Sarah, I haven’t checked out iStock. Will. Right now I’m not making any shirts. Despite what I just said in the previous paragraph. I had a huge inventory of them and am hoping to sell a bundle at the show.

  4. Sarah

    I use IStock a ton for all kinds of design. You can great great images for very cheap. Check it out when you’re ready to produce again!


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