Zuzu Does Dishes

by | Jul 4, 2009 | Zuzu | 3 comments

Here’s Zuzu’s new trick: she hangs out while I’m unloading the dishwasher, under the auspices of “helping.” Then she patiently waits for me to distractedly leave the room so she can climb in.


  1. Clog

    What’s the make of that dishwasher? That poor door has taken some abuse. It amazes me how Gray knows when I am loading the dishwasher as her favorite thing to do is “clean” the plates. If I am unloading she doesn’t even get up.

  2. Julie

    It’s a Kenmore. I do expect it to snap off one of these days. Though, amazingly, it seems pretty sturdy still.

    Love that about Grayling. Must be that dogsense.

  3. Jen

    I used to do this!! My mother has at least a dozen pictures of me in the dishwasher — Go Zuzu! Way to take the torch!


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