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Another birthday, just like that, and Zuzu is 3! For months — months! — she has been requesting cherry-related items for her birthday. We all laughed about it until about a month ago, when I realized I’d better do something. Alas, I never did find the requested cherry horse, cherry house, cherry car, or cherry bigstuff (whatever that is), but I did find some cute skirts and a shirt and some pretend cherry pie.

And cherries are a great excuse for a cupcake theme, of course. We went with chocolate cherry cupcakes with black cherry cream cheese frosting (thank heavens for cupcake-related blogs!), and they were amazing.

Vintage rotating musical birthday cake platter thanks to Adriane. Come to think of it, piping bag for the frosting thanks to Adriane, too. These cupcakes would not have been possible without Adriane!

In this photo, the look on Zuzu’s face says, “It is at this exact moment that I have realized that no one in my family can sing.”


  1. liz

    happy birthday to zuzu! she looks shocked in that photo, but she also looks so grown up…

  2. Julie

    Liz, I swear that shock is at our rendition of “Happy Birthday.” But yeah, she did seem to get all grown up yesterday, all of a sudden.

  3. Robyn

    cherry bigstuff: disgusting oreo flavor. she’s going to be a food scientist.

  4. Julie

    Ha! Indeed! Well: disgusting oreo flavor, or…AMAZING oreo flavor?

  5. Robyn

    …depends on how you feel about Cherry Coke.

  6. Sarah

    HA! Completely laughed out loud at the “cherry big-stuff!” Imagining some kind of massive cherry oreo cookie ?


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