Recess does not equal television

by | Oct 16, 2008 | Food, Henry | 4 comments

Apparently when it’s raining out, instead of going out for recess, the kindergartners watch a video. At least today they did. Which is crazy. Recess is the exact opposite of watching a video. Isn’t that what the gym is for? Heaven help me if this is what they plan on doing all winter (there’s no way, is there? they couldn’t). Henry was going bonkers tonight because he didn’t run around at all today. Ok, so the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies* we made probably didn’t help, but I really think it was the lack of recess.

*These were loved by all but me. They smelled fantastic, but I am a lover of crisp cookies, and these were very cakey. If this appeals to you, by all means, make them. I didn’t do the glaze or anything for the top, which I deemed overkill.


  1. Sutswana

    Apparently I am a fan of soft and cakey cookies. I have eaten at least eight since leaving your house with that goody bag full. You should consider whipping up another batch and passing them out for Halloween. Or would that induce paranoia about razor blades in baked goods that lack commercial packaging and preservatives?

  2. admin

    If I handed them out for Halloween, everyone would throw them on the lawn and they’d be covered in ants just like that Freaks and Geeks episode.

  3. Sarah

    I find I am often under the delusion that a “video” is not TV. Like it’s OK to watch 101 Dalmatians or Peter Pan before bed, but it’s not OK to watch anything on an actual channel.
    Where did that come from?

  4. Julie

    Well, video and TV are kind of different, in that you can start and stop when you want, and there aren’t any commercials. But it’s still not recess.


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