All hail kale

by | Oct 4, 2008 | Food | 0 comments

I guess I’m really an adult: my new favorite food is oven-crisped kale. Why don’t they package this like potato chips? I would buy it (or, well, I wouldn’t, because I’d say, “Why would I buy this? I can make it at home!” but I would theoretically buy it). Wash and chop kale, lay it out on a cookie sheet, toss with olive oil and some salt, and bake at 375 for 20-30 minutes (or more, depending on how much you’re doing and the ripeness of the kale), stirring occasionally (I use tongs to stir). Take it out when it’s crispy. It’s good hot or room temperature. I want to have a big bowl of this around to eat all the time. Yum! (Again, what has happened to me? Not that I’ve ever really been anti-kale or anything, but I never thought I’d be so into it.)


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