Asking Santa

by | Dec 23, 2008 | Henry | 4 comments

Dear Santa,
Please don’t let my son ask for something completely random that I’ve never heard of, three days before Christmas.
Thank you,

I mean, seriously? A dinosaur makeup kit? What is that? I don’t know if this is a combination of his dinosaur love and the fact that his best friends are girls, but COME ON! I’ve never heard anything about any dinosaur makeup kit, and then suddenly it’s the one thing he requests for Christmas?

True hilarious conversation:

Julie [panicking]: What’s a dinosaur makeup kit?
Henry: It’s…well, do you know what makeup is?
Julie: YES, I know what makeup is! [Unspoken subtext: Why? Did one of the other moms ask if I know what makeup is? Because you can tell them that it doesn’t matter, there’s no concealer that covers up these eye bags!]

But hurray for the internet (again, how exactly did people Christmas shop before the internet?). I almost got the Klutz face painting kit, but in the end decided a Dinosaur mask book was more what he would want. I have a suspicion this is some kind of Santa verity test, so I knew I had to get something.


  1. emily

    How did this go? I’m dying to know what a dinosaur makeup kid IS! Is it that?

  2. Julie

    The mask book was a big hit. He described a “dinosaur makeup kit” as something where you put makeup on your face to look like a dinosaur, so I think that he wanted some kind of face paint, but I was having horrifying premonitions of a greasy paintstick smooshed into my couch, and just couldn’t buy it.

  3. Sarah

    this would have been the perfect christmas gift for Jaya!!! i’m bookmarking it for the birthday.
    Honestly, I think I kind of messed up the gifts. I was so preoccupied getting the house ready & entertaining this year the kids ended up getting kind of random things I picked up here and there. oops.

  4. Julie

    Sarah, Jaya would LOVE the dino mask book. No Quetzlcoatlus, though.


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