Because I'm sure you want to read about diapers

by | Sep 22, 2008 | Parenting, Zuzu | 0 comments

You’d think I’d have diapering down by the third kid. But who knew that diapering girls would be different than diapering boys? I kept using my standard modified tri-fold on Zuzu, and she was going through six outfits a day because she was peeing out of the diaper cover. With boys, you just make sure the business end is pointing into the cloth, and you’re all set. Didn’t realize that there was a seep issue with girls. So now I’ve changed my technique to the bikini twist (not sure why it’s called this, since it would make a mighty unattractive bikini) (not that any cloth diaper would be especially flattering as a swimsuit) and that seems to have solved our problems. Phew! I wasn’t ready to switch to disposables! But I also wasn’t loving the constant outfit changing.


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