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by | Dec 23, 2009 | holidays | 8 comments

According to Dave’s mom, today is called Christmas Adam (because Adam comes before Eve). Now that you know this, you’ll find you can use this term all the time. Because, really, all sorts of holiday events often happen on Christmas Adam. I have incorporated this term into my lexicon for so many years I forgot that it’s not well known (I said something to Eli about how we were going to bake cookies on Christmas Adam, and my mom, overhearing, wanted to know what on earth I was talking about). So, go forth! Have a lovely Christmas Adam!


  1. bethany actually

    Ha! My husband’s family has always called today Little Christmas Eve. 🙂

  2. sutswana

    Ha! Cute. Your MIL’s moment of fame–does she read this?

  3. Julie

    She does read it! Bethany, I like Little Christmas Eve, too.

  4. Corinne

    And a Jolly Christmas Adam to you and yours- from me and mine!
    Does one have to be naked for the day? I’d be all in if it wasn’t so chilly, i’m thinking of getting back into my fleece pj’s.

  5. Julie

    My kids think every day is a reason to be naked. I’ve given up with Eli. (Well, almost: he wanted to walk to school today in a short-sleeved shirt, pants, and holey rainboots without socks. I finally convinced him to add socks, a sweatshirt, and a windbreaker, which still isn’t nearly enough when it’s 14 degrees out.)

  6. Corinne

    oh, well it’s 5C here i think that’s 40F. so as usual…can’t complain.

  7. Julie

    40 F! That’s shorts weather around here.

  8. Kate

    Thanks for that bit of trivia. Now we’ll have a special name for our wedding anniversary!


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