Chalkboard Labels on Jars

by | Jun 8, 2012 | crafts, housekeeping | 8 comments

Chalkboard paint on jars makes cute labels -- from World of JulieSometimes, when life gets completely messy or disheveled, I just need to take one thing, one small thing, and organize it. We had a big fruit-and-nut area that tended to be a mess of Trader Joe’s bags clamped shut with clips. I spent 20 minutes one day putting everything in jars. And then I remembered something I had seen somewhere, something about painting on chalkboard paint so you can make labels.

This makes me so happy. I followed the directions on Instructables (make a square on the jar out of blue painter’s tape, paint on chalkboard paint, peel off tape when the paint’s dry and razor off any paint that feathered). It honestly didn’t take that long.

And so pretty!


  1. Beth Stilborn

    What a wonderful idea! I love the way it looks.

  2. Julie

    Thanks, Beth!

  3. LoriO

    I wonder if you could do that with the stuff that turns normal walls into whiteboards? It’s like, clear whiteboard paint. I can’t bring myself to touch chalk, or chalkboards, but the idea is so cute!

  4. Julie

    I’m sure it would work with the whiteboard paint, Lori! (Why won’t you touch chalk?)

  5. LoriO

    I just don’t like chalk. It’s so dry and gross. Chalk and chalkboards set my teeth on edge all by themselves. No fingernails need be involved.

  6. Julie

    Yeah, I kind of get that. I’ll give you your chalk phobia if I can have my phobia of random dirty coins lying on the floor.

  7. LoriO

    No “picking up a penny for good luck” for you? How about random dirty dollar bills? 🙂

  8. Julie

    I’m not happy about random dirty dollar bills, but I’ll pick them up. But bills aren’t as likely to have hairs and lint and crumbs attached to them, somehow.


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