Children’s Book of the Week: Ancient Egypt Drawing Book

by | Apr 5, 2010 | Children's Book of the Week | 0 comments

Ancient Egypt Drawing Book by Ralph Masiello

Henry is all about Egypt these days, and I’m all about getting Henry to focus more and put more detail into his drawings, so this book happily satisfies both of us. There are all the classic Egypt icons — pyramids, eye of Horus, Egyptian gods — as well as some more obscure things (who needs just any old Sphinx when you can have a Hieracosphinx, an Androsphinx, and a Kriosphinx?). Each drawing takes you step-by-step through how to do it (like Ed Emberley’s Make a World) and throws in a few little facts, as well as artistic hints. Henry has drawn some pretty impressive stuff, I have to say.


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