Children's Book of the Week: Cat Up a Tree

by | Sep 29, 2008 | Children's Book of the Week | 0 comments

Cat Up a Tree by John and Ann Hassett
Cat Up a Tree is one of the books in the Raising Readers compendium we got at Henry’s five-year doctor’s appointment. I love the illustrations, and we all like the story. Nana Quimby keeps finding more and more cats up a tree, and calls every city service agency (post office, library, city hall, police department) but no one will help her get the cats out of the tree, and they all follow up with pretty funny “call back if…” statements (e.g., the post office says to call back if the cats want to send a postcard and need to buy a stamp). Finally there are 35 cats up the tree, and Nana Quimby is so annoyed with the lack of help she’s gotten that she throws the telephone out the window – I love that it’s unclear (to me, at least) whether she’s consciously taking matters into her own hands, or whether she’s just so pissed off she angrily throws the phone. At any rate, she saves the day, city hall comes calling, and she blows them off, just like they did to her. It’s a satisfying and quick read, with the good kind of pictures that you see more in with subsequent readings (there is a great demand for cheese in Nana Quimby’s town, for instance).


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