Christmas Tree

by | Dec 18, 2012 | holidays | 2 comments

Starting to snow. Finding the tree.

Here's our tree, in the wild.

Ramona. She was cold and confused. Why are we trekking across a tree field in the snow? Why aren't we home by the fire? Why are you all ignoring the fact that I'm freezing?

Henry, plenty warm.

Hot cocoa by the fire while we waited for the tractor to bring us and our tree back to our car.

Ramona finally starting to feel like tree-getting wasn't so awful.

Eli kept spouting off phrases like he was living in Christmas in Noisy Village. "Oh, isn't this joyous?" "What a lovely day to get our tree!" "This is all so beautiful, with the snow, and the trees!" "Everything is so jolly!" (Then: "ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS? OUTTA MY WAY!")

Roasting marshmallows.

Warming up Ramona with marshmallow perfection.

Tractor ride.



  1. Beth Stilborn

    I love this! So glad Ramona “warmed” to the idea… hot chocolate and perfectly done marshmallows would do it for me, as well. (That marshmallow you pictured is soooooo perfect I could nearly taste it. And no, there isn’t a lick-print on my computer screen, that’s, um, just a smudge.)

    What a lovely tree, and thanks for showing us the entire story!

  2. Julie

    Thanks, Beth!


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