Confirmation that Henry is on board with summer plan

by | Jun 10, 2009 | thirty second post | 4 comments

Dental Hygienist: Do you have any plans for the summer?
Henry: We have a summer jar!! [launches into an enthusiastic detailed description of said jar]


  1. Sarah

    Is coming to Natick in the summer jar?

  2. Julie

    It’s on the list, but not in the jar, because if it were in the jar, then that would mean I would randomly pull it out one day, and you might not be able to meet us on that day.

  3. Monica

    I found a link to your camp jar on Make & Take’s Blog. I was surprised at how many comments there were about kids rejecting the jar. A friend of mine has a similar jar on clean the house days (her kids are older) and they love picking out of the jar…and it’s a CLEANING the house jar! They love it in part because there’s mystery to it, and in part because their Mom throws in a few things like “take a 10 minute break” (which everyone wants to pick). Anyway, if you put cool ideas in your jar that your kids will most likely love, then they are going to love the jar!

    I like your ideas! Because of you I’m doing my own jars. My kids are 6 and 3. I’m doing one jar for things we can do in the a.m., one for places to go to for half or all day trips, and one for weekends, or days Dad takes off and joins us…that way, we have a few more options. We won’t use the jars every day because we have other things (like swim lessons, etc) going on some days.

    Some things we’re throwing in– go to the library, write cards to friends/family and mail them, fingerpainting outside, build a fort in the living room, and Pajama Day (Breakfasts for every meal, lots of movies, and of course, staying in our pjs).

  4. Julie

    Oh my goodness, I’m TOTALLY doing a cleaning jar if this summer jar thing continues to excite them. I thought about adding “going to the library” but we’re doing the summer reading program there, so I think we’ll go fairly regularly anyway (that will be our “swim lessons”). I’m also adding in writing cards and mailing them…that’s a great activity. Thanks!

    How old are the kids of your friend who has the cleaning jar?


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