by | Jun 5, 2009 | Zuzu | 0 comments

For days I have been trying to video Zuzu and her army commando crawling style, but every time I tried, she’d be crying and crawling at the same time. I got the first part of this video one day, and then the second part the next day, and the reason for the whining suddenly became clear. I think she was sick of her wormy crawling style, and she knew there was a better way, but couldn’t figure it out (since she only hangs out with kids over the age of 3). Smart girl that she is, though, she finally discovered Regular Crawling, and she is so much happier about it.

(It’s also highly possible that she’s whining because of NPR in the first part, and laughing due to fun Leadbelly in the second part, but I’m not really ready to face this. I need my NPR.)


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