David Harbour from Stranger Things reads Snappsy!

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SUPER FUN! David Harbour, aka Hopper from Stranger Things, read Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book) for Storyline Online. There is nothing like seeing a professional actor read your book, let me tell you. This is amazing. Thanks to David Harbour, Storyline Online, and the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. Watch the video here!

David Harbour says this at the end of the video: “Books are an amazing way to go inside of yourself, and outside of yourself, because you’re able to get lost in another person’s story and another person’s life. And sometimes when we’re feeling lots of things, we can feel like we’re all alone in these feelings, and then you read a book and you realize that everybody has a lot of the same feelings, and that you’re not alone, and that’s a wonderful thing for a human being to feel, like you’re a part of something larger than just yourself.”

I love that! And totally agree. Books show you what someone else was thinking and feeling, and you can learn about other people, and also realize you’re not the only one who thinks and feels the way you do.

Go read!


  1. wendy myers

    That was so cool! His Snapsy voice was perfect. What a wonderful thing to happen to your book. Congratulations.

  2. Kellie

    The story online video keeps saying *file not found. We would love to watch soon. Thanks!


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