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by | Mar 8, 2009 | etsy | 11 comments

Oh my goodness I love this Etsy shop. I know it’s just one of those Julie things, so maybe you feel differently, but when I look at the jewelry here I think everything in it is beautiful and perfect. But I have a thing for simple silver things, and hammered silver, and organic circles, and Nicole at CocoBijou clearly does too.

It all started when I got this idea in my head when I was pregnant with Zuzu that I needed three stacking rings to wear after she was born, sort of like modern Mom jewelry that doesn’t feature a mother and child embracing or giant pendants with the names of my children and their birthstones. I finally settled on the Three Sisters rings (above right), and I have to say I love them. And Nicole was super nice and patient about my insane end-of-pregnancy emails wondering whether the rings I had ordered and received would fit me after I gave birth and wasn’t all bloated (they were fine, and how on earth was she supposed to know?). And I just got the Triple Sterling Chandelier Earrings (middle above), and those are also perfect in every way.

Other droolworthy items: the turquoise ring pictured above left, the simple hoop earrings, the La Luna wide band, and the brilliant circles necklace that you can wear clustered together or dangling in a row. I love how everything is simple but not at all boring, and is also very cool and bold, because I don’t do well with teensy jewelry (let’s face it, my head is kind of huge, and I’m not flat-chested, and teensy things just look silly on someone like me). ANYWAY. I love this stuff. You will too.


  1. Anne

    Oh, what gorgeous stuff. And I’m wearing hammered silver oval earrings right now, in fact!

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks for turning us on to all of these Etsy shops…it’s difficult for me to navigate. You find all the good stuff!

  3. Julie

    I am totally overwhelmed by Etsy, but if I’m looking for something I feel like I can dive deeper and deeper into it and there’s just SO much cool stuff on there.

  4. sarah

    I want that ring!
    Keep posting the good Etsy stuff Julie, I know there’s good stuff in there but I have a hard time searching.

  5. Julie

    I know, I’ve been ogling that ring for weeks now. I really love my three stacked rings, and I think it would look kind of cool stacked on top of them. I keep just staring at the photos of it and pretty much literally drooling.

  6. EMILY

    did I tell you, julie, that finally, after being inspried years ago to hang my jewelry on the wall (your nifty jewelry keeper thing) i made a jewelry hanger out of bulletin board, foamcore, an old frame, and old linen napkins bought (of all places) in carlisle? it really, really works! thank you for showing me a better way than my old bowls and boxes! show us your hanger upper on wojulie, willya?

  7. Julie

    Well, now I want your jewelry holder. That sounds nifty. I seriously don’t know how I’d manage without hanging my jewelry on the wall. It would be such a mess.

  8. EMILY

    well, if you look close it looks more like “woman walking away from an accident”. I have to rethink the foamcore, one of these days when I can think. or maybe pony up for something boughten (as they always said on little house on the praire books. why don’t we say “boughten” anymore?

  9. Julie

    BRING BACK THE BOUGHTEN! Seriously. I’m going to work that into my conversation all day.


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