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by | Apr 19, 2009 | etsy | 5 comments

My new best friend Liz (let’s pause a moment to give Liz time to take out the restraining order against me…ok, done?) has the best shop at Milo in Maine. She also has an Etsy shop for Milo in Maine where she sells overstocks and sale items, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

This winter I had a brown moss-stitch scarf that I wore daily, indoors, and it was incredibly comfortable and stylish and artsy and also saved me from being all neck cold. Which might seem obvious, but it’s taken me 6 years in Maine to realize that an indoor scarf is a nice thing (and you’d just look pathetic in a big wooly scarf, indoors, you know?).

I am debating the lobster shirt and the jellyfish shirt. Love them. I also love the fish image. Also so very MAINE, you know?


  1. liz

    thank you for this, julie – i am blushing with delight. and i don’t think you can officially be considered a stalker if the person you’re stalking stalks you back, right?


  2. Julie

    So now we’re stuck in some kind of vicious stalker circle. We should make a spreadsheet to keep track of whose tracking who on which day.

  3. Sarah

    I think scarves are kind of like lovies for adults.

  4. Julie

    Oh my goodness, TOTALLY! I felt so much better with my soft cozy scarf. This also explains why Eli was always trying to steal it from me.

  5. Cate O'Malley

    Love the shirts! I’m a big fan of Etsy – off to check out the shop.


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