Etsy: Robot Candy

by | Nov 16, 2008 | etsy, housekeeping | 2 comments

I needed to get some coasters to go on the new desk/table on our back porch (or on the “conservatory” as we like to say, keeping up with our Clue House theme). Like I normally do these days, I searched on Etsy, and found Robot Candy, which has hundreds of coasters that are all printed with retro images. And you know how I am all about retro images. It was actually kind of painful for me to choose. I wanted them all. (I ended up with an owl and a squirrel.) I know the whole vintage image thing isn’t eveyone’s bag (sorry, Mom) but it was like these coasters were hand picked for me me me. AND they are only $6 each, and are a nice big size, and the entire bottom is padded (Dave has a major pet peeve about ceramic trivets that aren’t padded and therefore scratch the table). If you are worried about Thanksgiving guests potentially leaving drink rings all over your furniture, load up on these.


  1. Clog

    Retro is such an ambiguous term….does it mean liking old fashioned things? I think you can be retro to a certain period – like your retro is to the ’50’s.

  2. Julie

    Yeah, “retro” can mean just about anything. Let’s assume when I say retro I mean kitschy 50s diner chic.


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