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I love all of Emily’s radio essays, but this is my most favorite one, and one that should be dear to many WoJ readers: reading to your kids. I have all kinds of things to say about it, but I think I may just send you all there and then we can discuss amongst ourselves in the comments. However, I will say, as a starting point, that the book we lost-under-the-bed and then lost-forever was Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See which I think might be the most boring book in all of children’s literature, and which I could only make readable by doing a separate ridiculous voice for each animal, thus making it more fun so Henry wanted it again, and by the end of which I was always hoarse. I will also say that Emily’s Frances voices are very similar to the ones we have come up with here, though my Thelma is more overtly nasty. Go listen! (And then go listen to Emily’s other essays.)


  1. sutswana

    Love it, and was hugely relieved, Emily, that you sing the “…nobody comes that can’t buzz” part of Frances more or less to the same tune I do. I am not a singer, and I am dreading the day that my kids ask me to STOP mangling their songs.
    Advice, please, on how to deal with the song at the end of The Little Fur Family? MWB has such odd rhythms in her writing.

  2. Julie

    Several years ago there was the performer who was the finale at the end of the summer reading program (Martin Swinger, who was great: http://www.martinswinger.com/home.html), and he said the greatest gift you can give your children is to sing to them, even if it’s poorly. I just thought it was the nicest thing.

    I sing SO MUCH BETTER now than I did when I first had Henry. Practicing every day helps a lot.


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