First Day of School

by | Sep 18, 2009 | Henry | 6 comments

Yeah, well, we’ve got the daily schedule for regular days, but the first day of school apparently needs a little extra psyching up. Last year Henry chose to do this:

And this year it was this:


  1. Kate

    My boys just watched your boys at least 20 times and would have continued had I not shut things down on them. Loved it though!

  2. Kaia

    hilarious! TMBG is perfect kid spazzing music!!

  3. sarah

    Julie – this is Jayas favorite son on the CD! He listens to it over and over. I have to show him this tonight.

  4. Julie

    The funny thing is that Henry first heard the song when we were reading a book that talked about what people eat in Istanbul, which led me to sing the entire song (because it’s amazing how if you listen to a TMBG song you suddenly know all the words). Henry was totally mesmerized and demanded I sing it over and over. I don’t think he heard the TMBG version until I put it on his birthday CD (and of course it was much better than my slightly-off-key acapella version).

  5. sarah

    TMBG is so Julie 🙂

  6. Kaia

    You should also play Don’t Let’s Start for them (that was my first TMBG exposure).


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