Get those Disney bandaids out of my house.

by | Jan 16, 2009 | Parenting | 1 comment

I’ve never bought any of those “character” bandaids, but just kept regular tan ones in the house, to try to keep my kids from being the kind who become obsessed with plastering themselves with expensive bandages to cover microscopic cuts.

But four months ago I smashed Henry’s finger in the car door (ow ow ow) (no, not on  purpose) and ripped off his fingernail and it was just such a horror show that the poor kid needed fun bandaids. I would have given him brandy and a Big Mac if it would have made him feel better.

I sent my mom out and she came back with the best. bandaids. ever. No licensed characters, but also not those boring generic ones we get from the doctor (basketballs or American flags, usually). These Boo Boo Care bandages from Classy Kid are adorable, and use the shapes of animals to be the shapes of the bandage (a long one is a daschund or a fish or a caterpiller, a smaller squarish one is a butterfly, for instance). They are really incredibly cute and once I wrestled the box out of their greedy hands and hid it far up above, I do have to say that it makes them feel better, when they have an actual bleeding cut, to get to put a cute cow on it. And so much better than Power Rangers or Bridal Barbie.

I know I’ve had these bandages for months, but I didn’t really fully appreciate them until the other day when Henry got a paper cut and was all whiny and weepy until I presented him with a daschund bandaid and then he was fine. And I know you’ve all been sitting at your computers thinking, “Good grief, when is Julie going ot report on the state of bandaids for heaven’s sake?” and so here you go.

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  1. Paticus

    I myself have an obsession with character Band-Aids, and I have passed it onto my girls. In theory, the Scooby-Doos and Spidermans are mine, and the Doras and Hello kittys are theirs. But this morning, I was told that I HAVE to put a Dora band-aid on my hangnail.
    I like these ones though, i might have to seek them out.


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