Giant Tomato

by | Aug 26, 2009 | Food | 3 comments

Henry was so excited to pick out this giant tomato from the “seconds” bin at Olivia’s Organics stall at the farmers’ market.*

Little did he know that an over-zealous little sister would nosh on most of it while I was making dinner.**

*Henry had been eating cherries, which is why he has red spots all over his face.

**I am still getting the hang of this new camera. Can’t quite take great photos with it yet.


  1. Clog

    Even as a second that is probably a $4 tomato! I love Zuzu’s pants where it looks as though to latch them would be putting a bit too much pressure on that shapely leg.

  2. Christina

    Yum- Nora would love to share that tomato with Zuzu- she’s a big tomato fan too. Zuzu is getting so big! So cute. Is she walking now? It looks somehow like your camera is not focusing? – not sure why that would be- sometimes you can set it to a different focus mode- like closest subject, etc- and that might help…

  3. Julie

    Christina, it’s the new camera. I was having trouble getting it to take clear photos. I think I’ve figured it out (changed my setting to “kids and pets”), but it makes me miss the old lost camera (the new camera is just the newer version of the old camera, but apparently one upgrade they made caused me to no longer be able to take focused photos).


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