Girl Clothes Conundrums

by | Oct 12, 2008 | Zuzu | 2 comments

Having a girl is – what? – at least fifty percent about the clothes. Boy clothes are awesome too, and I’ve had a good time dressing them (though why I keep buying tan cords for Henry I have no idea…he seriously has seven pairs; there must be some unresolved tan corduroy pant issue from my own childhood). The girl clothes are pretty darn delectable though, with those little striped tights and sweaters with appliquéd flowers and whatnot. I did not, however, get that pamphlet called “What to Know About Girl Baby Clothes.” Someone sent me a dress for Zuzu and my first thought was, “What a crazy long shirt this is!”

Last week I put her in a cute little dress. I even put her in tights and little Mary Jane shoes and everything, making me feel very accomplished in the ways of girl dressing (though I need to take Tightsing Your Infant 101 – it’s not easy). And then, that night, when I was getting her undressed and into her pajamas, I noticed a funny thing up in her dress, and there were the little matching bloomers still attached underneath the dress with the plastic connectors. Poor girl, spent the day with bloomers stuck up under her dress! (Thanks to Sutswana, mother of two girls, for introducing me to the word “bloomers” so I didn’t have to call them “cute little matching underpants” anymore.) Now I know, at least, to look for the bloomers under the giant t-shirts dresses.


  1. Sarah

    links are too cute. Note to self: Must get job with better salary so I can buy Annika $35 dress.
    And why do I call the bloomers “spanky pants”? Where did I pick that up?

  2. admin

    I know. I drool over all those Etsy dresses. The one on the left is actually reversible, so it’s a slightly better value. Spanky pants??? I think I’ll stick with bloomers.


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