Girl Hairdo Inspiration Ideas?

by | Jan 11, 2012 | Ramona, Zuzu | 8 comments

Does anyone know of a book or website that has girl hairdo ideas beyond basic braids and ponytails? There must be something more instructional than just looking at the girls in the Hanna Andersson catalog. (I’m talking more about Zuzu here. Ramona’s options are basically random ponytails thrown about her head region.)


  1. Heather

    I have three boys, so I’m pretty useless as far as hair advice goes. They all have long hair, but they wear it down or in a simple ponytail. Have you tried a youtube search? Between that and google, you should be overwhelmed with information. Good luck!

  2. Sylvie

    Oh Monie’s hair has gotten so long. What cuties, those girlies are.

  3. emily

    well, not for little girls specifically, but my new hairdresser I found through a design mom link to her blog; hairdresseronfire! ( which has all these fun video tutorials, many of which are fun (and always messy) braids and buns. designmom did lots of those for her kids’ last photoshoot (heh heh, kids photoshoot. what a life!) and looked cool, and Reagan the stylist does her own tiny daughter’s hair in halo braids etc all the time so maybe it would work? she’s really cool and turns out to live in my neighborhood and just click on the tutorials part of the site and you’ll see some!

  4. susan

    I suppose Pippi Longstocking is already taken….xx That is a great website – can the World of Julie girls get any cuter? Will we be able to take it if they do?

  5. Julie

    Thanks, Renee. I found a bunch of ideas on Pinterest. And Em, I’ll check that out, if anything to see your neighborhood. I need to look up halo braid directions. The way I do it, I end up with this big floppy braid leftover. I can’t figure out how to tuck in the end bits.

  6. Julie Hedlund

    I don’t have any book suggestions but I just had to say how adorable your girls are!! 🙂


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