Good Blanket Karma

by | Oct 28, 2008 | thirty second post | 8 comments

Henry with weensy baby Zuzu (in July) and the Bunnytail Blanket before it was lost, then found.

Henry with weensy baby Zuzu (in July) and the Bunnytail Blanket before it was lost, then found.

Yesterday we took a stroller walk after school down to city hall to drop off Dave’s absentee ballot. The boys were chilly on the way back, and when I went in the stroller trunk (is that what it’s called? the understroller?) to get the blanket I’d brought, it wasn’t there. Sutswana, who was walking with us, assured me she hadn’t seen it, but I was pretty sure I’d brought it. And, indeed, when we got home it wasn’t there. We have roughly seven million baby blankets, but the loss of our Bunnytail Blanket was heartbreaking indeed. I knew that I’d have to go get another one as soon as possible, but wasn’t too psyched about the thought of driving to Yarmouth, and I was pretty sure we’d never find it in the awesome bright orange/hot pink combo we had (not to mention the fact that it’s not exactly a cheap blanket). This morning at school I checked the lost and found table, but of course it wasn’t there. And then, driving home (it was raining), I saw our blanket perched on a fence — obviously someone had seen it on the ground and placed it there like a flag to beckon us (hurray for the bright colors of our blanket, blinking like a lighthouse in the rain!). It’s a little pathetic how incredibly happy I was to have our lost blanket found, but this blanket really rocks.

I think Eli also left a sippy cup of milk in Goodwill yesterday, but I really don’t give one fig about that, it turns out, especially since I’ve kind of been wanting to get rid of our plastic ones anyway.


  1. Sarah

    I live in fear of losing Blue Dog. So far, we’ve made it 4.5 years. I shouldn’t even be writing this. The Blankie Gods may be listening.

  2. Elizabeth

    A similar thing happened to me when Isaac was a baby. I realized that we somehow lost a hat that I had knitted for him – even more disappointing to lose something handknit. We retraced our steps to the park two days later and found that someone had draped it in a similar fashion – over a park bench, so that we would find it. This restored my faith in the people of our neighborhood, and for a while, silenced my grumbling about those who steal packages and hanging baskets from our front porch.

  3. Julie

    Elizabeth — I had the reaction, also, of thinking about the Good People of our neighborhood who had been kind enough to take our blanket off the ground and put it on the fence.

    People steal HANGING BASKETS from your front porch?!?

  4. sutswana

    I’m so glad it was found! And to clear my good (screen) name, I really hadn’t noticed it en route…was not plotting to backtrack and get it for myself or anything diabolical like that.
    When Miranda was a baby we did a mid-winter stroller walk on the Eastern Prom trail and lost a hand-knitted baby bootie along the way. The booties were given to us by an old family friend and were quite special, so of course I heaped all of my new-motherhood angst onto the loss of this thing and was disproportionately upset about having lost it. The next day I backtracked, baby in tow, and found it at the tippy top of Munjoy Hill, placed carefully on top of one of the rods of an ornate wrought iron fence.
    Since then I spend probably too much time trying to figure out the most logical and visible place to put lost items I encounter when out on a walk. Don’t want to mess up the karma.

  5. Julie

    I don’t think you would have noticed it en route, it was at an odd place on Broadway, and could have been blowing around in the middle of the street for all I know.

    And yes, I am quite sure I am going to spend a lot of time scanning the ground for lost mittens I can lift up to eye level.

  6. Christina

    We would be very sad if we lost the Bunnytail blanket- it’s a great blanket- the only baby blanket we really used (and still do)

  7. Julie

    And the Bunnytail has great staying power, considering how often Henry and Eli steal it to use as a cape.

  8. Joy Pratt Schiffmann

    Julie — You just made my week. My name is Joy and I am the owner of Bunnytail Blankets! I just googled the company and your blog came up. How fun to see how much you and your kids love your BTB! We are in the middle of a photo contest and we are going to add some shots of happy customers to the site. I would love it if you would like to submit one/some. Thank you again for your enthusiasm for our blankets — Joy


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