Happy Summer!

by | Jun 21, 2013 | Julie | 2 comments

I never really liked summer until we moved to Maine. It was always so sweaty before. But now it’s when the weather is perfect and everything is green and bursting.

practicing the long jump | World of JulieEveryone is home! Though this is not our home. It’s the high school track. The boys took track this spring and want to keep up with it, so we’ve been running here and they practice long jumps.

tiny apples | World of JulieDo you see them on there? All the tiny apples? Last year we had maybe 20 apples; so far this year looks like over 100.

Little Free Library | World of Julie

The Little Free Library is bursting, too. If someone doesn’t come take out some books soon, I’m going to have to do some serious weeding.

ripening cherries | World of Julie

Almost ripe cherries.

mountain laurel | World of Julie

This is a mountain laurel, which I forget about every year, until it suddenly does THIS.

ripening blueberries | World of Julie

Blueberries! (Well, greenberries right now, but they’ll be blue in a month.)

hops/beanstalk | World of Julie

Our hops vine is…well, frankly, it’s scaring me. This thing grows several feet a day and I couldn’t really take a photo of it because it reaches so far into the sky that you can’t see the top of it. Notice also how I am too frightened to get close to it, but have no qualms about placing my dear daughters next to it, for perspective. I made sure they jumped away before they were either woven into its vines, or started to climb the thing in the hope of finding a giant to slay.


  1. LoriO

    This post is bursting with goodness! Happy Solstice!

  2. rosemond cates

    Oh, I am so envious! It is blazing hot here in TX…and Maine is among my very favorite places!


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